No language imposition, says Javedakar

No language imposition, says Javedakar


In the face of storm of protests in Tamil Nadu over the proposal to make Hindi one of the three languages to be taught in schools, Union Information Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javedakar has clarified that it is only a recommendation made in the draft education policy finalized by the Kasturirangan committee and no decision has been taken on it.

The committee was set up during Javedakar’s tenure as HRD Minister in the first Modi Government. Javadekar has said it is only a draft new education policy and its recommendations are on public domain for discussion. The Government will take a decision after consultations. There is no question of imposing Hindi or other languages on anyone, he has categorically said.

He said: “The committee has submitted its report. The draft has been prepared but the government has not taken any decision. It is just a misunderstanding. We will only take a decision after feedback on the draft has been received.”

Continuing he said:“The Modi government’s policy has always been that all languages should be developed and no language should be imposed on anyone. There should be no unnecessary apprehensions about it.”

The current HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishant has not reacted yet to the draft education policy and its repercussions in Tamil Nadu.

Having bitten the dust in the just concluded Lok Sabha elections for having toed BJP’s line on unpopular decisions, the AIADMK Government has boldly came out against the so-called Hindi.

School education Minister K A Sengottayan has made it clear that three –language will not be followed in Tamil Nadu. He said there will be no deviation from the two-language formula under which school students are taught English and Tamil or mother tongue for non-Tamils.

It was in 1965 that the anti-Hindi agitation by college students catapulted the DMK to power. The situation was different then as students’ prospects would be affected if Hindi was offered along with English as a medium in UPSC examination as it would give Hindi speakers an unfair advantage over others.

Thanks to the agitation, the Centre has since allowed the students to take the examinations in all the 14 national languages.

Unlike the rest of country, Tamil Nadu has shut out Hindi completely, giving students even an opportunity to learn Hindi as an optional language. Only CBSE students learn Hindi as one of the three languages. In Government schools, only English and Tamil are taught.

What defies logic is the argument that Hindi is being imposed on students. The school students do not decide what language to study. It is their parents who decide for them and seeing Hindi as an imposition, they have denied succeeding generations a chance to learn it.