Bereaved family members to attend swearing-in-ceremony

Bereaved family members to attend swearing-in-ceremony

Agency News

Purulia, May 29: Surviving members of slain BJP activists from this tribal district of Purulia in West Bengal will attend Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony in New Delhi on Thursday. A contingent of saffron brigade left here after being invited for the greatest show of democracy in India.

BJP's triumph in this part of India was not an easy task as an
estimated 100 people were killed in the past three years. Party's national president Amit Shah often said about it during his at least 17 visits for electioneering in the past three months in Bengal.

Among the killings, three scenes were horrible where the victims"s bodies were hung from the tree to show the brutality of politics.

BJP activists Dulal Kumar, Trilochan Mahato and Sishupal, all were hardly early 20s, who were murdered and hung from the tree to create fear-psychosis among the commoners in this tribal heartland, a drought-prone area of South Bengal.
Just before Panchayat poll in 2018, the villagers found the
body of Trilochan Mahta hanging from a tree and a handwritten poster on the back declaring the punishment for endorsing the saffron politics.

And the body of Dulal Kumar was found hanging below a post of high tension wire public power distribution system. While the above two were murdered during panchayat poll, Sishupal was brutally murdered during Lok Sabha poll.

So winning 18 seats out of total 42 have come with a price, which can not be compensated in terms of money as the bereaved family members still, mourn the loss of young blood amid poverty and crunch of basic resources for basic living.

Party sources said Amit Shah is keen on having all those bereaved family members from Purulia to be present during the swearing-in ceremony.