RISAT-2B carried two important payloads : Sivan

RISAT-2B carried two important payloads : Sivan

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Sriharikota (AP), May 22 : ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan on Wednesday said there were several new features in RISAT-2B, an advanced radar imaging earth observation satellite, that was successfully launched by PSLV-C46 from the SHAR Range.

Addressing the scientists after the successful mission, Dr Sivan said 'I am extremely happy to announce that PSLV-C46 has successfully injected RISAT-2B precisely in the designated orbit of 555 km, with an inclination of 37 deg.' 'This particular mission was really important in the sense that PSLV has crossed a landmark of launching 50 tonnes into space, comprising 350 satellites so far, out of which 47 belongs to National satellites and the remaining students and foreign satellites.

Dr Sivan said RISAT-2B is having expanded Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) making it an advanced earth observation satellite, operating in spotlight mode, script mode and mosaic mode. This PSLV in addition to the main paylod RISAT-2B, carried two important payloads as piggy back. The first being indigenously developed and realised “Vikram computer chip to be used in the future rockets.

It was made by the semiconductor lab. The second being low cost lens called INS that would revolutionise future  launch vehicle missions. 'In this satellite, another very important and very complex technology that was demonstrated is 3.6 m unfurlable radio grip antenna, which is also a future technology', Dr Sivan said. He said the next mission for ISRO was the landmark Chandrayaan-2 the launch of which was scheduled between July 9 and 16 with expected landing on the moon on September six.

Subsequently, ISRO will launch high resolution CARTOSAT-3, along with couple of new developments are going to happen that included demonstration of the second reusable launch vehicle technology and the cost effective Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) in the next few months. UNI