Railways denounces misuse of alarm chain pulling

Railways denounces misuse of alarm chain pulling

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New Delhi, May 16: The Delhi Division of Northern Railways on Thursday came down heavily on misuse of Alarm Chain Pulling (ACP) in trains.

Delhi division spokesperson Ajay Michael said the facility of alarm chain pulling (ACP) has been provided for use only in cases of emergency. However, it has been observed that some passengers pull the alarm chain without any emergency for unauthorised purposes such as relatives or friends getting late in reaching station or to de-board or board at stations where the train does not have stoppage. "Misuse of the facility of ACP is a criminal Act and a menace that results in late running of trains and adversely affects all the passengers in the train. Not only this, it affects the operation of many other trains also."

He said Section 141 of The Railway Act dealing with the misuse of ACP cases states that when a passenger, without reasonable and sufficient cause, makes use of the alarm chain, the punishment shall be fine of Rs 1000 or imprisonment up to one year.

S C Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, Delhi has appealed that passengers should desist from misusing the facility of ACP as it adversely affects the schedule of many trains.

He also warned that strict action including arrest is being done against the passengers caught in the act of Alarm Chain Pulling for frivolous or ingenuine reasons, and informed that the drive against such offenders has been intensified and almost 500 offenders have been arrested and fine of about Rs 2 lakhs has been realized from January 2019 to 15th May 2019 and more stringent action will follow. UNI