Three hallmarks of NDA - development, its people and defence: Rajnath

Three hallmarks of NDA - development, its people and defence: Rajnath

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New Delhi, May 14 : Expressing satisfaction with the performance of the NDA government at the Centre, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said there are three hallmarks of this regime --development of this country, its people and defence.

'There are three hallmarks of this government. The development of this country, the development of the people and the defence, ' Mr Singh said addressing a press conference here. 'We have been successful on the three fronts, results are seen on the ground of the works done,' he said.

The BJP leader said inflation used to be the main election agenda before any election. 'But before the general elections -- in 2004 as well as in 2019 -- poverty was not the poll issue,' the Home Minister said, adding 'It's a huge economical achievement' .
People's mood seems that BJP's is going to achieve a massive victory, he expressed confidence, adding that there were undercurrents at many places.

'All sections of the society were addressed by the government and we are very satisfied with our performance in the past five years,' Mr Singh said.'We have been successful on economic front and on eliminating corruption,' he said.Congress from the beginning has been talking about 'garibi hatao' (eliminate poverty) but never taken any steps in this direction, he alleged.

'Now Rahul Gandhi is saying that injustice has been done and we will do 'nyay' (justice). Who is responsible for this injustice,' he asked. Congress inducted fears in the minds of minority and indulged in votebank politics, he charged. BJP will win with majority in these elections, he expressed confidently.

'If you see the work done by Congress in past five years and the work done by BJP in the duration, it becomes clear that amazing work done in security area,' he said.Mr Singh said amazing work was done by the NDA government for eradication of Left-wing extremism (LWE) and there has been 62 per cent reduction in security personnel killings.

The North east region has enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in the past five years after 1997, he claimed. On Terrorism front, except Jammu and Kashmir, no big incident has taken place in the country, he claimed. The irony is in the fight against terrorism, Congress has weakened the effort of the government, he charged.

He maintained that government has worked with full dedication for the country. 'You can criticise the work done by the government but the sad thing is abusive words were used for Prime Minister Narendra Modi,' he said.Never has any Prime Minister been abused in the history of India, he added.'Prime Minister is an institution not an individual. Prestige of the institution has been lowered,' he said. (UNI)