Make Modiji PM, we will throw away article 370: Amit Shah

Make Modiji PM, we will throw away article 370: Amit Shah

Agency News

Pakur, May 11 : BJP president Amit Shah today urged the people of Santhal Pargana to reelect Prime Minister Narendra Modi and gave assurance that his party will remove article 370 from Kashmir.

Addressing an election rally in Hiranpur while campaigning for his party candidate from Rajmahal, Hemlal Murmu, he said the opposition was saying they would remove sedition laws if they came to power, but until Modi had reins of the country, people with bad intentions would be sent to jail.

"Listen Rahul Baba as long as Modi is there, those who hold bad intentions towards the nation will find their place in jail," he said "Let Rahul Baba talk to the terrorists but the BJP will retaliate their bullets with bombs,"he stated and added that at no cost compromise will be made with the security of the country.

Mr Shah said that after the Pulwama attacks the air force conducted air strikes deep inside the enemy land and avenged the gory killings. While the entire country celebrated, there was gloom on the faces of Rahul and company, Lalu and company and Hemant and company.

Taking a dig at the opposition parties, he asked if they had any relatives among the terrorists who were killed in the strikes, or the air strikes robbed them of an opportunity to do vote bank politics.

Further attacking the Congress, Mr Shah said that Rahul Baba has forgotten that his four generations ruled the country for 55 years and he should be the one to give accounts of what they have done for the country.

"I can send a worker from Yuva Morcha from Pakur, who can speak what Modi government has done for the country in the last five years," he said, and added that Modi government's works of five years can overshadow all that has been done by the consecutive Congress regimes in the last 55 years.

He said the people of Santhal Pargana voted for a majority government in 2014 and in return the BJP gave the areas AIIMS, Sahebganj port, bridge on Ganga river and other basic amenities.

Mr Shah said Maoists were breathing their last in the state, which was imperative for the growth and development of the region.He rued that Santhal Pargana region had given three Chief Ministers, but all of them neglected the development of the area. (UNI)