Demonetisation ruined economy: Rahula

Demonetisation ruined economy: Rahula

Agency News

Shujalpur, MP, May 11 : Continuing an offensive on the economic front, Congress President Rahul Gandhi alleged on Saturday that demonetisation broke the backbone of the country’s financial system but the minimum income guarantee scheme envisaged by his party would comprise a medium for bringing fiscal management back on track.

“The Congress announced the plan after completing the entire homework and the programme shall serve as a means for annually depositing Rs 72,000 each in bank accounts of five crore families thereby benefitting approximately 25 crore indigent people. The funds will be transferred into women’s accounts only, resulting in enhancement of the commoner’s purchasing power, employment and improvement of market conditions,” the visiting politician averred while addressing an election rally in Dewas parliamentary constituency.

In what would have taken numerous listeners by surprise, albeit momentarily, Mr Gandhi claimed that the idea occurred to him after listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches!

“For Mr Modi, providing Rs 15 lakh to every citizen was a lie but on the contrary the Congress made up its mind vis-a-vis base earnings and consulted a team of economists. Implementation shall commence as soon as my party assumes power. Demonetisation took money out of every Indian’s pocket and handed it over to select persons even as joblessness spiralled,” he said. (UNI)