Congress moves to EC over misuse of government machinery by BJP

Congress moves to EC over misuse of government machinery by BJP

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New Delhi, May 10 :The Congress on Friday accused the BJP of misusing the government machinery in its favour to prepare the election manifesto of 2019 and further termed it a violation of Model Code of Conduct taking the complaint to the Election Commission.

After approaching the Election Commission with the complaint, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi, while addressing reporters outside the EC office alleged that after the announcement of the 2019 general elections, BJP has taken help from various officials of different government departments to prepare their manifesto, and added saying that this was a clear violation of the Article 123 of the Election Commission's rules.Mr Singhvi further said that the detailed information so as to how did the BJP use the government machinery in preparing their manifesto has also been published in the news media.

Mr Singhvi said that the grand old party's delegation has complained to the Commission with necessary documents and has urged them to take necessary action in this regard in two days so that code of conduct is not violated in this manner. Addressing a press conference earlier in the day, Mr Singhvi said that a fortnight after the announcement of the general elections, a senior official in the Ministry of Commerce wrote a letter to the heads of various departments seeking the vision document of the government in view of the election manifesto.

The Congress leader further claimed that the information given by the several departments through this e-mail was identical to the manifesto of BJP at many places. He said that after the announcement of the date of election, a political party or a leader cannot use government machinery in such a way.
The Congress leader further alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah were constantly violating code of conduct in this election.

The complaint has been lodged many times in the commission against the two, but the commission is not taking any action in this direction, he said.
He alleged that the EC is silent in this regard, due to which PM Modi is constantly violating the Model Code of Conduct.UNI