BJP says writer of TIME magazine’s article who called Modi ‘divider’, is Pakistani

BJP says writer of TIME magazine’s article who called Modi ‘divider’, is Pakistani

Agency News

New Delhi, May 11: Reacting to an article on TIME magazine , which described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as 'divider-in-chief', the BJP on Saturday said it has been written by a writer of Pakistan, which is in panic mode after two airstrikes by Mr Modi.

The saffron party also cornered Congress party for its president Rahul Gandhi's tweet on the write up where Mr Modi was described as 'divider in chief".

Addressing a press conference here, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, 'In 2014 also, many such articles were published against Mr Modi which showed him in bad light. And see who is the writer of this article. He is a Pakistani writer who has tried to malign the image of Mr Modi. As it is, it's Pakistan's agenda to vanish Mr Modi's image after the two airstrikes were made by him.'

The TIME magazine has featured Mr Modi on the cover of its international edition with a controversial headline, while another article in the same edition carries the headline 'Modi the reformer' as the country enters the final phase of the mammoth general election.

"Bharat ki sena aur Modiji ke drid nishchay ka Pakistan baal bhi baaka nahi kar sakta(Pakistan cannot deter the spirit of India's Defence forces and Prime Minister Modi)," the spokesperson went on to say.

He also blasted Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu for his 'Kale angrez' comment on Friday against Mr Modi and countrymen and said he has insulted the Prime Minister and the nation as a whole.

'People of the nation love Mr Modi and Mr Modi loves his nation, and that is why this comment of Mr Sidhu is not only the insult of the whole nation,'Mr Patra said..

'Modiji kaale hain to kya hua dilwale hain, Modiji kaale hain to kya hua gareebon ke rakhwale hain.(What if Mr Modi is black, he has got a big heart. What if he's black, he's protector of poor people's rights.)

Mr Patra said Mr Sidhu and the Congress should not boast of Italian complexion, their complexion will fade away on May 23(Sidhuji aur Congress party apne Italian rang par na itna gumaan kar, 23 tareek ko yeh Italian rang bhi dhal jayega).

He said Mr Sidhu believes that Congress president Rahul Gandhi is his captain and 'I think this comment by him is the height of sycophancy and nepotism'.

'They don't like the complexion of Mr Modi and other Indians because what they like is the complexion of Anderson, (Ottavio) Quattrochi and Christian Michel,'he said..

The saffron party spokesperson was also critical of Mr Sidhu for saying that 'Mr Modi is like 'nayi dulhan'(new bride) who sits down to make chapati but only makes noise with his bangles'.

'By making such one statement, Congress party has shown is is racist and sexist as well,' Mr Patra asserted.Mr Sidhu had urged the voters in Indore in MP to free the country from the rule of 'Kale Angrez' and 'chowkidars' as he took a jibe at BJP on Friday. (UNI)