State of media in country a matter of concern: SY Quraishi

State of media in country a matter of concern: SY Quraishi

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New Delhi, May7: Reacting sharply on the state of media in the country, former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi said that the state of media in the country was a matter of concern.

Addressing a gathering at the book release of senior journalist Anand K Sahay's 'India- the Wrong Transition', Mr Quraishi said, 'As far as the freedom of media is concerned, our media is just two steps ahead of Pakistan and four steps ahead of Bangladesh.'

Expressing his concerns over the media, he also said that journalists are being threatened of murder and rapes and the system does not come to their aide, which is a very shocking situation. 'I hope that this is a temporary phase and the Indian media will bounce back to its resilience,' he said.

Explaining the state of electronic media now-a-days, he said 'Government regulation is certainly not a solution, but self-regulation is the only utopian, which can certainly be found in the text book. I think the Model Code of Conduct (MCC), unfortunately, I have to keep quite now-a-days. I have not seen it in the last 20 days.

'The better choice I would try to propagate that the National Broadcaster Standard Authority (NBSA), created by the National Broadcasting Association, which could be the Model Code of Conduct for electronic media,' he added. 'Justice JS Verma made the regulations, constitutions and the model code of conduct for NBSA and many of the television channels and anchors were fined for violating the MCC,' Mr Quraishi said.

NBSA has fined many news channels and they had to apologise in their 'Prime Time slot,' for violating the MCC. He further opined that those channels are not part of the NBSA or left out due to actions against them by NBSA, they should be brought under the purview of this organisation by the Government through an Act. There can be regulation that every channel will part of this NBSA, so that the discipline is maintained, he added.

Similarly, the Press Council should be given more powers, so that they can act against wrong doers in the print media, he said. (UNI)