Rahul accuses Modi of being Anil Ambani’s chowkidar

Rahul accuses Modi of being Anil Ambani’s chowkidar

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Chaibasa, May 7 : Congress president Rahul Gandhi today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being a ‘chowkidar for a thief’ like Anil Ambani.

Rahu, who was on his second trip to the State to campaign for Mahagathbandhan candidates Geeta Koda and Champai Soren at the Tata College Grounds, said chowkidars were not found outside the homes of the poor farmers but outside those of billionaires.
"Modiji is a Chowkidar for Anil Ambani...there is a line of 15-20 people who are doing Chowkidaari outside Anil Ambani's home," he said adding that Modi committed theft from the pockets of the people and gave the money to thieves like Ambani, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi.

He said it was the Congress which gave the tribals the land acquisition act, tribal bill and the Panchayati Raj system and pointed out that it was he who fought in Niyamgiri of Odisha for the tribals. On the other hand, the Chhattisgarh government took a historic decision and for the first time returned the land, acquired in Bastar, back to the tribals.

Citing the provisions of the land acquisition act, he said that lands of the tribals cannot be acquired without their consent and if the land is to be taken than four times the market rate needed to be provided . However, the most important point is that whatever the company be-- the Amabanis or the Tatas or even if the company is from the US or Japan, if no industry is set up within five years then the land had to be returned to the people. He cited the example of Bastar where the land which acquired for the Tata project was returned to the tribals as the project failed to start in five years.

Rahul dared the Prime Minister to give one example where any of the BJP governments had followed the provisions of the land acquisition act and returned the land to the people.

"Modiji the next time you come to Jharkhand give an example where land has been returned by the BJP government," he said adding that Modiji looted the land of the tribals in Gujarat and made them poorer.