Major Leetul Gogoi’s seniority reduced; to be posted outside Srinagar

Major Leetul Gogoi’s seniority reduced; to be posted outside Srinagar

Agency News

New Delhi, May 5 : Indian Army officer Major Leetul Gogoi’s seniority has been reduced by six months of pension. The officer was involved with using a human shield on his military jeep during the 2017 Srinagar by election. Major Gogoi was found guilty of "fraternising" with a local woman and being away from his place of duty even after he was not authorised to do so in Srinagar last year. The court martial proceeding against Major Gogoi was completed in March and he faced a situation where he could lose seniority.

Sources in the Indian Army said Major Gogoi's loss of seniority is limited to pension and not his future promotions. A loss of seniority would mean he would not be eligible for promotion with his batch and his future prospects in the service to move up the ladder would be affected. Army sources said the punishment finally given to him is a "loss of seniority for pension for six months." This means at the end of his service, he will not be eligible for six months pension. Also, Major Gogoi will be posted outside Kashmir Valley as he completed his tenure there in Rashtriya Rifles.

With regards to him being posted out, sources said it should not been seen as a shunting out but as a "normal posting." He was posted in Rashtriya Rifles in March 2016 and stayed on since October 2018 due to pending inquiry and action. The period of Gogoi's posting makes it clear he has completed a normal tour of his duty, which is between two to two and a half years, Army sources said. (UNI)