Fani: CFTRI and DFRL busy in preparing food packets

Fani: CFTRI and DFRL busy in preparing food packets

Agency News

Mysuru, May 6: The city based two premier Food Research institutions in the country are preparing relief food packets for distribution in 'Fani' cyclone hit Odisha, at Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) here since last two days.

The families of scientists and staff have volunteered to help in preparation of relief food items to cyclone-hit Odisha, at CFTRI here. Women from the Government Railway Police (GRP) too have joined hands. Despite Saturday and Sunday being holidays, the members worked all day to prepare meals at the state-of-the-art pilot plants that are equipped with technologies for cooking and packaging food in bulk. CFTRI Senior Principal Scientist K.V.S.A.S. Sharma, said “Our teams rise to the occasion and work willingly in such situations.”

One of the volunteers said “Ours is a small effort to help the people in distress in the affected areas. Similarly the DFRL is also ready to send food items stored for Jawans. The food packets will be airlifted as soon as the permission from their head quarters and demand from the affected States received. (UNI)