Cong wants EC to ban Modi from campaigning for remarks on Rajiv Gandhi

Cong wants EC to ban Modi from campaigning for remarks on Rajiv Gandhi

Agency News

New Delhi, May 6: The Congress approached the Election Commission on the remarks by Prime Minister Narendra Modi against former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, and demanded that the EC immediately ban the PM from campaigning for his comments.
Terming the remarks by Modi as 'uncultured, illegal and against Indian tradition and in direct contrast to the facts', a delegation of Congress leaders, led by noted lawyers Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Salman Khurshid and former Minister Rajiv Shukla, demanded that an immediate decision, within 24 to 48 hours, be taken on the issue.

Singhvi told medispersons on Monday, "We have demanded an immediate ban on the campaigning by Mr Modi. We have emphasised that this is necessary to restore the credibility of the Election Commission, which was unable to take a decision on the complaint against Prime Minister and they had acted only after the Congress approached the Supreme Court." Modi on Saturday while addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh said the life of his (Congress President Rahul Gandhi) father, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, ended as "corrupt number 1".

Singhvi added that such comments by the PM and the BJP chief made one wonder whether there was no rule of law in the country and election commission. "It seems the PM is not aware of Indian culture, and has a tendency to make statements for cheap electoral gains", he said. He wondered that when the statement made by Mr Modi was in direct contrast to the fact, whether such a person was was worthy of being on such a post. Terming the statement by the PM as being in direct contrast with the facts, Singhvi pointed out that on February 4, 2004, Delhi High Court had rejected and quashed the charges against Rajiv Gandhi on the basis of available facts. For 14 years, after the February 4, 2004 judgment, no one filed an appeal against it.

'This period includes a few months during which (February to May 2014) Vajpayee Government was in power, and many of whose ministers had made their career out of Bofors. Even after the Modi government came to power in 2014, there was no action in this regard till February 2018. No appeal was filed. After nearly 14 years, a petition was filed, which was turned down by the Supreme Court on November 2, 2018", the Congress leader said. "In reference to the statement by Mr Modi describing Gandhi 'bhrashtachari number one, I want to ask whether this country is running by rule of law or the statement by the Prime Minister,",l Singhvi charged. He also alleged that the Prime Minister and leaders of the BJP were indulging in blatant violation of all laws the day in and day out. "We want to ask, who is telling a lie, who is indulging in misleading campaign, and distorting the facts", he added. (UNI)