Indians jailed in Saudi Arabia will come home before Ramzan: Modi

Indians jailed in Saudi Arabia will come home before Ramzan: Modi

Agency News

Bhadoi, May 5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced that 850 Indians, jailed in Saudi Arabia, will be released before Ramzan.

Addressing a rally here, Mr Modi said, "People go to Saudi Arabia for Haj, but some of them who do something wrong are jailed there. Recently, I requested the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to return these 850 people back before the holy month of Ramzan. He accepted my request and agreed to send them back to India."

Hitting out at opposition, the Prime Minister, said, "Don’t you get angry about the games being played by the 'Mahamilawat'? They are saying Modi got Masood Azhar banned because there are elections happening in the country. They have become used to seeing everything through the lens of elections."

"If a terrorist attack happens in the country, the people feel sad. When the bodies of our brave soldiers return home draped in the National Flag, whole country feels sad. When surgical strikes happen to avenge them, the people of the country feel proud. But 'Mahamilawat' leaders are not happy about the country's respect at the international level," he said.

The PM also continued his attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, saying, "The people who cannot build toilets for their people, paved way for their business partners to earn money in defence deals of our country. People of Amethi should know how their namdaar had helped his friend and business partner to get defence deal in UK but had ignored Amethi and Rae Bareli totally."

"But now the people of Amethi and Rae Bareli have forced the naamdar to run away from there," he claimed.

He claimed that 'Mahamilawat' means chaos and corruption and said only BJP can effectively serve the country and Uttar Pradesh. "Remember that Congress, SP and BSP have always divided people on the basis of caste and religion," he said, adding, 'But for us, development is the only mantra with our slogan -- Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.'

"Can anyone question my honesty or my assets. But these Mahamilawat people have amassed huge assets during their regime. Not even this, they had even helped their friends and relatives to siphon off money from the public exchequers," he said.

Blaming the opposition for working as a speed breaker in enforcing the triple talak bill , the PM said, "I would like to tell the Muslim sisters of Bhadohi and across the nation, several countries don't have the provision for Triple Talaq. We want to give the same rights to our Muslim sisters which have been provided to the sisters in Muslim countries."

"We do not disrespect anyone's religious faith, we just follow the Constitution. The Constitution provides for equal rights to both men and women and we are following it," he said.

During his speech Mr Modi also raked up a new theory of politics in the country after independence ."The country has seen four types of parties, governance and political culture after independence. First - Naampanthi, second - Vaampanthi, third - Daam aur Damapanthi and the fourth which has been brought by us - Vikaspanthi.

The first Naampanthi was just interested in family progress, second one brought foreign culture, third was interested in money and muscle power and fourth's priority was only development," he said.

On the occasion, the PM also hit out at the SP-BSP alliance saying that this Bhadoi district was named as Sant Ravidas Nagar by BSP chief Mayawati during its regime but when Akhilesh Government came to power, it scrapped the name. "Even after such an insult of a Dalit icon, Ms Mayawati is seeking vote for SP. People have to see who is insulting the Dalits," he questioned, adding that BJP had always honoured the Dalits and did everything for their respect and honour.

He also said that the SP-BSP regime is known for its corruption and scam like the previous UPA government at the Centre for 10 years. " People want a strong and corruption-free government at the Centre so that the country can go ahead in the development arena," he said.

Mr Modi, also said that hand-weaved carpets of Bhadoi is world-famous and government too did everything to promote the trade by opening common facility and service centres in Bhadoi, Mirzapur and Varanasi along with setting up carpet clusters. (UNI)