Narendra Modi is not becoming PM: Rahul

Narendra Modi is not becoming PM: Rahul

Agency News

New Delhi, May 2 : Asserting that there was an upsurge in the country against the Narendra Modi Government, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that Mr Modi was not becoming the PM again.

‘’Narendra Modi is not becoming PM . There is an upsurge in India against the type of government that he has run. There’s massive unemployment, farmer distress. The economic miracle that India was has just stumbled:

It is clear that we are doing better. Our data shows that the BJP is not winning this election. We are winning this election hands down": Rahul said in an interview to NDTV.

Making it clear that the Congress was not dividing the secular vote in Uttar Pradesh and not harming the SP-BSP 'gathbandhan', Rahul said the secular formation was winning elections in UP.

‘’The secular formation is winning elections in UP. The Gathbandhan and the Congress party are going to clean Uttar Pradesh up.

The Congress is not dividing the vote. We are harming the BJP. I have told Jyotiraditya and Priyanka that the places where we are not going to win we are going to help the gathbandhan,’’Rahul said.

On the decision of the Congress to go it alone in Uttar Pradesh, he said,’’I have to construct my own space over there (in Uttar Pradesh) but I am helping where I can.’’

Asked as to why Congress' alliance with SP-BSP failed, he said,’’you have to ask them.’’

Attacking the PM on the lack of jobs, he said,’’the primary issues in this election is jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs and the economy. Its a pity the PM cant talk about these issues. The Prime Minister can’t stand on a stage and say the things he was saying in 2014.’’ He said that in the last five years the idea that PM Modi is a crusader against corruption has been destroyed.

‘’The idea that PM Modi is a crusader against corruption has been destroyed. The Congress has successfully conveyed the idea that PM Modi is helping the corrupt,’’ Rahul said. Attacking the PM on Rafale issue, the Congress president said,’’Why is the PMO holding parallel negotiations in the Rafale deal. Let’s do a JPC. 67 per cent people of India believe that Rafale was a scam.’’

While admitting that he did a mistake in saying that the Supreme Court said ‘Chowkidar chor hai’, Rahul, however, said he would not apologise for saying that the PM stole money.

‘’I made a genuine mistake in saying that the Supreme Court said it (‘Chowkidar chor hai’). However, I am not apologizing in the least for saying ‘chowkidar chor hai’ or that the PM stole money.’’

On Priyanka not contesting from Varanasi, Rahul said she was not going to contest from there.

"I said that I would hold you in suspense and I did. Priyanka was not going to contest from Varanasi,’’ Rahul said.

Asked if he would be the PM in case the Opposition led alliance wins in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul said,’’it is up to people of India to decide the PM. It is not my place to be saying what are the wishes of people of India. I respect the people of India and I am subservient to their wishes.’’UNI