Money from corruption in MP used for Congress fund: BJP

Money from corruption in MP used for Congress fund: BJP

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New Delhi, May 3 : Charging the Congress with using the funds from corruption and scams in Madhya Pradesh to 'fund the party', the BJP on Friday said Madhya Pradesh has become the new ATM for the Congress party. Addressing a press conference at party headquarters here, BJP MP G V L Narasimha Rao said, 'Wherever they have formed government in the states, they are using the money of people, meant for development, for their own benefits and squandered away the money for themselves.'

'They have to answer the common man regarding this as it relates to integrity in politics. Today we would like to ask the Congress party and its leaders to tell this country, as to how ...what justification do they have, what face do they have to show to people of this country,' Mr Rao added. 'The Congress simply doesn't have answers for this loot,' the BJP spokesperson added.

A few weeks ago, raids took place at Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath's close aide's place and unaccounted cash worth Rs 281 crore was recovered and 'there has been information that Rs 20 crore was transferred to Congress party headquarters in Delhi,' he claimed. The Income Tax department raided the houses of Mr Nath's close aides -- Praveen Kakkar's house in Indore and R K Miglani's house in Delhi -- in connection with an alleged illegal transaction case.

Kakkar is Mr Nath's former Officer on Special Duty while Miglani was his former adviser. Both Kakkar and Miglani had resigned from their posts just before the Lok Sabha elections were announced. A team of 15 officers raided Kakkar's house in Bhopal around 0300 hrs. A showroom in Vijay Nagar and four other places were also being investigated. The raids came just a week after income tax officials raided the premises owned by people linked to the Congress-Janata Dal Secular coalition in Karnataka.(UNI)