BJP established Panchteerth Ambedkar’s honour: PM Modi

BJP established Panchteerth Ambedkar’s honour: PM Modi

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Hardoi, Apr 27: AccusingBahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati of indulging in politics in the name of Bhimrao Ambedkar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said his government had established the 'Panchteerth' in the country and world in the honour of the Baba Saheb.
The Prime Minister said, "BSP formed governments in the name of Baba Saheb but it is important to tell the truth behind how much respect 'Behen ji' had for him. In the name of removing Modi, Behen ji has joined hands with someone who used to leave no occasion to insult Baba Saheb."

Modi said, "The people who called Baba Saheb a 'land mafia,' destroyed the 'bastis' of the Dalits, made false cases on Dalits and took possession of their homes, Mayawati is happily asking for votes for those. This happens when one's only goal is to attain power."
In an address which lasted for about 35 minutes at the CSN Degree College, Modi said, "With your support, India is being praised in the world. Today, India is the fastest developing country in the world. Today, India is writing a new story of economic progress, adding that when the economy is strong, the life of the ordinary citizen becomes easy."
The Prime Minister further said that on the occasion of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar's Jayanti on April 14, 2017, his government launched the 'Bhim App.'
"Today, this new arrangement which has eased the life of the people, we named it after Baba Saheb. The people who kept asking for votes in his name did not try to do anything by taking some lessons from Baba Saheb's life. Baba Saheb was a great economist of the world and that is the reason why we took inspiration from him and dedicated the Bhim app to him," the PM said.
Modi said his government had persistently worked to increase Baba Saheb's respect and pride. In the past five years, five monuments associated with Baba Saheb were developed in the form of a 'Panchteerth' in Delhi, Mau, Rampur, Mumbai and London. These works which are being completed today could have been done years back but Congress sees nothing beyond its family and hence, they ignored great men like Baba Saheb and insulted them.
He averred that today, even the most poor individual in a village has a mobile phone because as compared to earlier years, mobile phones were cheaper nowadays. Phones have become cheaper because now mobile phones are made in India. Before 2014, there were only two companies making mobile phones whereas in the past five years, this number has increased to 125. Apart from being expensive, the internet speed was very slow but today, the circumstances are complete opposite. Today, money could instantly be sent to one's relative or friend who was in some other city.

Modi said, “When the Pulwama terror attack took place, the SP-BSP considered Pakistan's statements to be true and didn't listen to our soldiers. Can the country be safe in their hands? Can they provide security to the country and respect to the Jawans?”
The 'majboor' (weak) governments do not have the courage to criticise the terrorists. Was there any statement against the terrorists by Ms Mayawati, he asked (UNI)