Opposition has accepted defeat therefore giving ‘gaali’ to EVM: Modi

Opposition has accepted defeat therefore giving ‘gaali’ to EVM: Modi

Agency News

Lohardaga, Apr 24 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the opposition has begin to blame the EVMs since it has accepted its defeat after the third phase of polling in the country concluded yesterday.

Addressing an election rally in Lohardaga, he said that after the three phases of polling opposition does not have any option but to accept defeat.

He said that the opposition parties had accepted their defeat but were trying to put up smiling faces till the end of second phase of elections. But, after the third phase of elections they are sure their defeat is imminent and have being to blame the EVMs out of desperation.

"However, after the third face the opposition as realised that 'Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar' is going to be at the Centre," he said, adding that since opposition has the habit of using 'Gaali (foul words)' for Modi, which they cannot leave.

"They have turned their cannon barrel towards the EVMs and holding the EVMs responsible for their defeat,"he jibed.

Taking a swipe at the leaders of the opposition he said that their acts were similar to the students, who holds responsible everything from pen to desk and chair, and even goes on to say that answer sheets were given late, for his poor exams results and even his parents believe end up believing him when the results are out.

"What can the EVM do when the people are showing so much love to their chowkidaar?" he questioned, adding that the people of country do not want to waste their votes on the opposition and parties which are part of Mahamilawat.

He said that such people, who see themselves as Prime Minister candidates in the coalition and those who are not capable to even save their seats in the Assembly, are now blaming the EVMs for the ensuing defeat. (UNI)