Ganga fast: Atmabodhanand to give up water intake if demands not met

Ganga fast: Atmabodhanand to give up water intake if demands not met

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New Delhi, Apr 21 : Agitating saint Brahmachari Atmabodhanand, on hunger strike for the cause of the Ganga in Haridwar since October 24 last, has resolved to harden further his stance by giving up water intake from April 27.

The 28-year young saint from the Kankhal-Haridwar-based Matrisadan Ashram, has apprised all the concerned authorities, including President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, of his decision not to take water, if the demands made by his spiritual guru late Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand (Prof GD Agrawal) were not conceded to, by April 25.

The sadhu, since the very beginning of his fast, has been surviving on Ganga Jal only.

In a 6-page letter written to PM on Friday, Brahmachari said that Swami Sanand had died at the AIIMS Rishikesh on October 11 last on 112th day of his hunger strike and he had been on the fast since October 24 for furthering the sacred cause set by the Swamiji. The copies of the letter have also sent to President, UN Secretary General, Chief Justice of India, concerned Ministries, Chief Ministers of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Governor of Uttarakhand, Chief Justice of the Nainital High Court and presidents of political parties, including the Congress, CPM, TDP, SP, BSP, RJD and CPI.

In the letter, the fasting saint has said that the demands of late Swami Sanand about enactment of the Ganga Protection and Management Act, stopping works on all upcoming dams along the river and its tributaries, ban on mining along the river bed and conservation of forests still remained unresolved.

He also accused the officials of 'killing' Swami Sanand at the AIIMS Rishikesh and also attempting to give him poison at the same hospital in November last.Meanwhile, the activists have decided to raise the issue of the Ganga at the UN during the session of the world body commencing from Monday.

Mr Sher Singh, the father of Sant Gopal Das who has been untraceable since December 5 last, has also announced to sit on hunger strike at the UN office, to press up on demands raised by his son and other agitating saints.

Persistent stir by sadhus and activists has a long history, dating back to 90s with repeated hunger strike and Satyagraha that was marred by death of four fasting saints -- Swami Gokulanand Saraswati, Swami Nigamanand Saraswati, Nageshwar Nath and now Swami Sanand (Prof Agrawal) between 2004 and 2018.

Followers and associates of late Agrawal who launched the current spell of stir in June last year, had resolved not to give up on the mission, accordingly, Sant Gopal Das and Brahmachari Atmabodhanand sat on indefinite fast. While Das, on fast since June 24, disappeared under suspicious circumstances from AIIMS Delhi on December 5, Brahmachari's fast in Haridwar is still continuing for the past six months.

The family of Sant Gopal Das suspects foul-play behind disappearance of the young sadhu. (UNI)