Either me or terrorists would survive, I don’t care for my chair: Modi

Either me or terrorists would survive, I don’t care for my chair: Modi

Agency News

Patan, Apr 21 : Taking a dig at Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that Congress had a soft stance against terrorism, whereas BJP has wiped out terrorists from India without worrying for the fate of his 'chair'.

Addressing an election rally in Patan of Gujarat, Modi said that for the past 40 years the tears in our eyes could not stop due to terrorism. We saw the tricolor wrapped bodies of our jawans every now and then.
Even police had to be deployed in temples. Before entering Somath and other temples one has to pass through metal detectors.

'Who is responsible for this worst situation? What was the root cause? We will have to think ?', he asked.

Earlier bomb blasts happened every now and then in all the corners of India. After such a big attack in Mumbai the then government did not do anything apart from two days of candle marches, he said.

'I decided that either me or the terrorists will survive. Even if my chair goes I do not care,' PM Modi said adding that he got the rein of power at center to change the situation or else he would have continued in Gujarat as CM where there was so much yet to be done.

The Prime Minister said that now the blasts across the country have stopped and the terrorists have been confined to just two to two and a half districts of Jammu and Kashmir.
'It is not that they have become good. They were trying hard but don't succeed now. Out of a hundred attempts they could do just a few incidents,' he said.
Mr Modi said that had he also shown the attitude like that of former PM Manmohan Singh after the Uri and Pulwama terror attacks, the people would not have forgiven him.
Talking about the aerial strike after Pulwama incident he said that Pakistan could not guess from where the strike would happen.

He said, ' Pakistan was guessing from where Modi would attack. Today Sharad Pawar said that no one could guess what Modi would do. If Pawar can't understand me, how can Imran Khan do that. I am the devotee of lord Hanuman. The armed forces did the air strike and everything was finished.'

He said that the opposition parties were showing various kinds of suspicion about the place of strike Balakot and whether it was in Pakistan or not and other aspects of the aerial strike at the time when Pakistan itself was weeping. India had also hit down a fighter plane of Pakistan when it tried to attempt a strike in our area. When they captured our pilot we warned them to return him safely and it was done. They (opposition parties) were then showing concern for the safety of the pilot. An US spokesperson then said that if the pilot was not released, India could take a big action. It was said that Modi could launch attack with 12 missiles simultaneously. It was good that Pakistan released the pilot soon after that or else it would have faced dire consequences and it would have the 'Katal ki Raat' (deadly night),' Modi said.

He said that Congress party, which was seeking proof for aerials strike earlier on has stopped doing so after the first and second phase of election. They have got the information that people felt angry at it.

PM Modi also said that during Congress' regime after 1985 when the security needs of the country were increasing no new tanks were given to our army. Now tanks were being produced in three such factories in the country including the one in Hazira in Gujarat.
Army has got such new tanks now which could fire up to 48 kms ie if it was kept at Nada island in Gujarat it could easily target a place inside Pakistan. The country has started production of advanced A K 47 like guns also and would stop buying such weapons from outside and also sell it to other countries.

He also hit out at Congress and other opposition parties for questioning his announcement about the successful test of anti-satellite missile system which have put India among the only 4 nations in the world with such capabilities.
'Is it falls under the model code of conduct. They even questioned the success of it and where the debris of the destroyed satellite was,' he said.

PM Modi also hit out at Congress and other opposition parties for his cleaning the feet of sweepers during Kumbh mela.
'You could also have done so. I have washed the feet of five you could have done that with 15. I had one camera with me you could have taken a hundred who stopped you,' he said.