Fresh revelations on demonetization scam should be probed: Cong

Fresh revelations on demonetization scam should be probed: Cong

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New Delhi, Apr 17 : Unravelling another expose on allegedly unlawful exchange of the old notes during the demonetisation, the Congress on Wednesday claimed that it has now been proved that the noteban is the biggest scandal so far in the country and must be probed thoroughly in light of fresh revelations . Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Wednesday played the video of a sting operation at the press conference here and claimed that on December 31, 2016, on the basis of instructions from the BJP office in Gujarat, old currency bills of 500 and 1000 rupees were allegedly changed illegally.

In this operation, along with BJP leaders, retired officers, police officers and bank officials were also involved, he added. He further accused the BJP government at the Centre of keeping silent over alleged exchange of large number of currency notes in an unlawful manner post the noteban.

Referring to the video Mr Sibal alleged that the decision of noteban may have helped criminals to monetise by looting the poor in the country. The Congress leader said that the disclosures made post the ban made it clear that the illegal change of old notes was allegedly done at the behest of the BJP leaders, referring in this regard to a worker posted at the BJP office in the sting video , who was seen waving the photograph of BJP President Amit Shah, saying that there is nothing to be scared of, and whatever the amount is be it 100 , 200 million all will be changed and no one will have trouble.

Mr Sibal said that after the ban, not onlymillions of jobs lost but the money of the common man has been plundered. ‘’When the people of the country were standing in line to get a small part of their money deposited in the normal banks and many people were dying, large amounts of money was illegally being exchanged,’’he said.

He said that the number of sting operations in this regard clearly show that commission of 15 to 40 percent was given and people's money was systematically debunked. Old notes of crores were changed in this game but no arrests have been made, he further said. He further questioned that why was FIR not being lodged and a probe initiated to establish who were involved in such exchange of the notes post the ban.

Referring to a cabinet secretariat's statement that ' Rahul S. Ratharekar had been a constable level employee of the Cabinet secretariat . He was dismissed in June 2017 (after five years of service) on suspicion of his role in the exchange of old currency notes post demonetisation.', Mr Sibal asked why was Mr Ratharekar not arrested and probed at the time of his dismissal from serive.

He further questioned whether a show cause notice was issued to Ratharekar prior to his dismissal.UNI