VHP slams previous govts for tying hands of armed forces

VHP slams previous govts for tying hands of armed forces

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Thane, Apr 14 : VHP working President Alok Kumar slamed government for tying hands of armed forces.

"Indian Air Force had after 1971 never crossed the border, there were no action at all, this time our air force was told go cross the border and raze the dens of the terrorists" Alok Kumar said.

“Shradyeya Ashokji Singhal Rashtriya Pratishthan” was launched Saturday evening at Thane by the hands of Alok Kumar.

VHP, RSS and BJP activists were also present at the function. The convenor of the Pratishtan Sanjay Dhavalikar welcomed the guests and said that "the foundation will work towards promoting the teachings of Ashok Singhal".

The first Shradyeya Ashokji Singhal Smriti Puraskar was given to Dr Satchidanand Shevde, a renown National Pravachankar and propagator of Hindu religion. The award comprised of Rs 25,000, citation, memento shawl and srifal and was given at the hands of Alok Kumar. Vinayakrao Deshpande was also present at the function, who is the Organising General Secretary, of the VHP.

In his speech Alok Kumar paid rich tributes to Ashok Singhal and recalled his munificent contribution towards the revival of the Ram Mandir Movement in the country which inspired lakhs, who spontaneously participated in the movement. He also recalled that in the past the swayamsevaks of the VHP had no facility at all as compared to the present time when they have at least some facilities. They worked against all heavy odds to built up the organization and gave their blood for it. He said 'The contribution of Singhal was unparallel he stated'.

He said the mistake was not of the Sena, The Sena was "smartha man", the laggings was in the political leadership, which did not have the intention to order them to strike. Hence this incident needs to be celebrated and “utsav” manana as this time there is a political leadership which said go and ordered the sena to strike.

As much as we worship the parakram of the Sena the political leadership also needs to be respected which could take this decision. "Our era is the era of Hindus" he said, We are doubly lucky as we will see with our own eyes the “Vaibhav” of Hindus and we are not only spectators of the "Vaibhav" but are the people who create this situation with our “Purushartha”.

At the end of his speech he paid rich tributes to Ashok Singhal and prayed that "we become the tools of the work of lord". We contribute our might our parakram, sadhan, dhan, and our priya karyakram and soon enjoy the pleasure of completing the same. (UNI)