PM should act against corrupt Def Min officials: Rahul
PM should act against corrupt Def Min officials: Rahul

Congress to present separate Budget for Agriculture: Rahul Gandhi

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Kolar, Karnataka, Apr 13 : AICC President Rahul Gandhi today slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for reeling out a series of lies upon the people of the country, betraying the farming community and said " if elected to power Congress will correct all wrong doings of the BJP government and come out with a separate Budget for Agriculture along with Union Budget from the year 2019-20.

Speaking at the 'Parivartana Yatra' election campaign, he said the time has come for the people of the country to realise how Modi lied to them all these years and promised that Congress will correct his wrongdoings during the last five years that had seriously affected the common people and benefited only the a few rich people.

‘’If elected to power, the first programme of the Congress-led government will be to present a separate Budget for Agriculture, along with the union budget that will offer a gamut of facilities and benefits for the farming class". he added.

‘’This will include increase in Minimum Support Price for Agri produces, bonus for farmers on their produce and a detailed programme on the loan schemes for the agrarian community. There will also be a road map drawn for building more wearhouses and food processing units built across the country,’’ he said.
Rahul said this agriculture budget will be presented during every fiscal year that will bring a sea of change in the lives of farmers in the next five years. ‘’We will free the farming class of uncertainty the ‘fear Psychosys’ that is affecting them now under Modi’s rule’’. Saying that Modi’s ‘Make in India’ programme was a total failure, Rahul said it only filled the pockets of the rich like Anil Ambani, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi and others.

‘’The name Modi has wreacked havoc. I do not know how many such names will be exposed while going forward. I ask youth who supported Narendra Modi to realise that he indulged in mere ‘dialogues’ and lies and they did not get their due as unemployment remained high and every year lakhs of youth were added into the list of unemployed,’’ he said. (UNI)