Election Commission 
Election Commission 



After initial delay, The Central Election Commission has finally held that the Na Mo TV is sponsored by the BJP and all content on the TV channel should be ,” removed immediately on the ground that the channel did not have prior certification. The EC further ordered that all recorded programmes displayed on Na Mo TV should be pre-certified by the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee [MCMC] of Delhi. The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi has been directed by the EC to send a compliance report immediately.

It is interesting that after the mystery shrouding the ownership of Na Mo TV was solved by the BJP on Wednesday by admitting that the IT Cell of the party owned the channel. The Election Commission’s order is shown below:-

When Na Mo TV mysteriously appeared late last month on major DTH platforms, everyone watching the media scene knew who owned it. The ruling party however brazened it out as if it was their freedom of expression to have such a platform notwithstanding the fact that the Model Code of Conduct had come into effect the moment the seven phased election schedule was announced by the Election Commission on 10th March 2019.

When questions about launching such a channel were raised, it was claimed that it was a marketing channel. Government sources had stated that such a marketing channel did not need any license or clearance from the nodal ministry of Information and broadcasting. Later one of the DTH platforms which carried Na Mo TV claimed that it was news service! This was later denied by the service provider. Opposition parties have been alleging connivance of bureaucrats which seems to have credence now with the resolute action by the Election Commission. Earlier spokespersons of the ruling party had dismissed all allegations and pointed out that Na Mo TV was a legitimate entity serving the public’s right to know.