Decide what you want, honest chowkidar or corrupt naamdaar: PM Modi in Mah

Decide what you want, honest chowkidar or corrupt naamdaar: PM Modi in Mah

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Ahmednagar, Apr 12 : Continuing his spate of attacks on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked voters to chose between 'imaandar chowkidar' and 'bhrashtachari naamdar'.
Addressing to the election rally at Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra here, Mr Modi said that in the past five years, the world has seen a strong and decisive government. Before that there was a remote-controlled government for ten years when news of scams was the order of the day.

He further said that today, the world identifies the present government as a strong one. You are going to decide the furure course in the election. You have to decide what you want, an honest chowkidar or a corrupt naamdaar (a reference used by the prime minister for Congress president Rahul Gandhi). You have to decide if you will
vote for the heroes of Hindustan or advocates of Pakistan.
In his election speech, the prime minister did not mention Balakot air strike by the Indian Air Force directly but made a veiled reference to it while targeting the Congress-led opposition camp.
He alleged that under the previous UPA government, permission was not given to the armed forces to attack terror camps across the Line of Control (Loc).

The Prime Minister did not spare NCP chief Sharad Pawar too. Pawar’s NCP was in alliance with the Congress in the UPA government. The two parties are contesting the Lok Sabha elections in alliance in Maharashtra. The prime minister said the Congress and the NCP are supporting those parties advocating 'separation of Jammu
and Kashmri from India and having two prime ministers in the country.
Taking a jibe at Pawar, PM Modi said, I have no hopes from the Congress but what has happened to Sharad Rao Pawar, who is from the land of legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji (a medieval ruler in Maharashtra) You quit the Congress on the issue of nationalism. For how long will you maintain silence on the demand for two prime
ministers in the country?, Mr Modi said.
PM Modi said his government has taken decisive action to combat terrorism. He said, under Congress-NCP government, the nation only received pain. There were Mumbai terror attacks and Pune bomb
blasts. You have seen the government of this chowkidar. Where have those bomb blasts gone? The prime minister said, This chowkidar has created fear among the terrorists now.
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