Congress spoofs Smriti Irani’s degree flip flop

Congress spoofs Smriti Irani’s degree flip flop

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New Delhi, Apr 12: Attacking BJP leader Smriti Irani on her flip flop over her educational qualification, the Congress on Friday made a spoof on her TV serial ‘Kyunki Sas Bhi kabhi bahu Thi’.

Reacting to Smriti Irani’s affidavit before the election commission, while filing her nomination from the Amethi Lok Sabha seat, in which she accepted that she had not completed her under graduate course from Delhi University , AICC spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi, in an apparent reference to her popular TV serial 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', said,’’a new serial is going to come. ‘Kyunki mantri bhi kabhi graduate thi' .’’

In her affidavit filed before the EC on Thursday, the BJP leader accepted not completing her graduation stating that she had enrolled for an undergraduate course in Delhi University , but, did not complete the same .

‘’In her poll afidavit , Mrs Irani revealed that she undertook her exams for Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) first year from Delhi University's School of Open Learning, but "did not complete the three-year degree course". This is simply a self-contradiction and falsification of educational qualifications by Ms Irani, who submitted an affidavit to ECI (as Lok Sabha candidate from Chandni Chowk, Delhi) stating her educational qualification as Bachelor of Arts in 1996 from Delhi University, School of Correspondence. Then, on July 11 2011, Ms Irani submitted an affidavit to ECI (as Rajya Sabha candidate from Gujarat) stating her educational qualification as B.Com. Part-I in 1994 from Delhi University, School of Correspondence. Further , Irani had also said at a media event in August 2014 that she has a degree from the prestigious Yale University in the US.

It is, thus, clear that she has not only falsified records regarding her her degrees but has submitted contradictory affidavits to ECI for which she is guilty of offence under Section 125A read with Section 33 of Representation of Peoples Act, 1950 besides other offences under Indian Penal Code,’’Mrs Chaturvedi said.

‘’She is also guilty of hiding information in the Delhi University and misusing her influence and power as a Union Minister, ‘’ the COngress leader added. The Congress said that Constitutionally, legally and morally, it would be best thing if she steps down as the Union Minister and publically accepts the lies.

Ms Chaturvedi said that the Congress does not have any problem with her being a graduate or not , it was her lies that were questionable. ‘’She has lied repeatedly on oath & to the courts, which is the real issue,’’ added the Congress leader.