Mullaperiyar, League; it’s a bundle of contradictions that CPM needs to explain

Mullaperiyar, League; it’s a bundle of contradictions that CPM needs to explain


There is crisis of dialectics for the CPM. Theoretically, all political or historical issues are a result of a conflict of forces - social and here otherwise. The CPM, whose last straw in the country has been Kerala, has witnessed the conflict of social forces and series of contradictions caused by material needs jargoned as dialectical materialism work against it in West Bengal and Tripura.

Back in the last red bastion, all remember the CPM-led Pinarayi Government knocking first at Tamil Nadu doors and then at the Central ones during the century's devastating flood just some seven months ago, wanting Tamil Nadu to take away some water from Mullaperiyar dam. It has been fighting a case for bringing down the level of the century-old dam. But when Tamil Nadu ignored Pinarayi's pleas, intervention by an advocate saw the Supreme Court ask the Tamil Nadu Government to bring it down to 139 ft from 142, much to the relief of the Government and the people of Kerala

Even when the CPM in Kerala is fighting the case to build a new dam as the existing one poses a big security threat, comrades on the other side of the border, in Tamil Nadu, have a few additionals to the election manifesto brought out by the central leadership.

Tamil Nadu CPM secretary K Balakrishnan, in the presence of party central committee members K Varadarajan and A Soundararajan, who are all well aware of the party stand in Kerala, said water management was a major aspect to be tackled. And after the State leadership gave it a ‘thorough thought’, it was felt that there was the need to evolve a national river water policy. The crux of the water aspect was increasing the height of Mullaperiyar dam to 152 ft, a point comrades on this side of the border have been against all these years.

The CPM owes an explanation to voters here on this count as the threat Mullaperiyar poses is no small matter. Worse still, the bundle of contradictions loosely tied and wrapped in the materialistic theory bulges in spaces. The pre-poll alliance in neighbouring Tamil Nadu is another case in point. The grand alliance of DMK, Congress, CPI, CPM and none other than Muslim League saw the major party president MK Stalin announce that Congress president Rahul Gandhi was the alliance's prime ministerial candidate.

But here, CPM says Rahul has thrown to the winds all democratic ‘decencies’ by deciding to contest from Wayanad. It even threatened to defeat Congress elsewhere in the country and teach it a lesson. Worse still, its leaders have been going around saying Rahul came to Wayanad eyeing votes of the Muslim League, its alliance partner in Tamil Nadu.

When there were reports of League leaders holding secret talks with the Muslim extremist organisation SDPI, the CPM raised a hue and cry, little realising that voters here knew beyond the jargons of theories that the party was in alliance with the League there. Despite all claims of upkeep of democratic decency, the CPM owes an honest and candid explanation to the voters of Kerala as to how these contradictory stands will help foster the ultimate goal of people's democracy.