Terrorism is like cancer, it can’t be left untreated midway:PM Modi

Terrorism is like cancer, it can’t be left untreated midway:PM Modi

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Songadh, Apr 10 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday alleged that terrorism in the nation was born and became a big problem during the regime of the Indian National Congress.
At an election rally here, Mr Modi compared terrorism with cancer and said that after tough stance during his first term he needed a second one to continue the strict action against the menace like the treatment of the dreaded disease which if left untreated midway spreads rapidly again.
He also held Congress responsible for rampant corruption and termed it the other cancer in the country.
Addressing an election rally in Songadh of Tapi-vyara district and Bardoli LS constituency in home state Gujarat, Mr Modi said, 'There was a time when the then government did nothing after terror attacks. In my tenure as the then CM of Gujarat, all the sleeper cells of terrorist outfits were destroyed in the state. Now everybody in the state lives peacefully, with harmony and brotherhood. Terrorism should be wiped out from the whole country at any cost and for peace and harmony in the country. It should be completely uprooted. The roots of terrorism were in our neighbourhood and that is why I took action (of air strike). But they (Congress) have problem with it also. They are asking for proof. By hearing the weeping of Pakistan, one can understand everything. But they don't believe the sons of India and have faith on people from Pakistan. Can we hand over our country to them.'
He said, 'Terrorism was like cancer. It was born and took large proportion during Congress' rule. I am taking strong action against it. We can't stop the treatment midway like that of cancer which in that case makes a rapid spread again. Can we stop the task of elimination of terrorism mid-way? We need to continue.Who will do that except me?Give me one name ready to raise head and dare. Police need to be deployed even outside temples in the wake of terrorism. Even prasad bags are checked. Huge amount was spent on security due to terrorism. Such a situation needs to be changed. Once terrorism is finished there would be peace and prosperity in the country.

'The second cancer in the country was that of corruption. Should it be ended or not. I was CM in Gujarat for so many years but no one could raise a finger towards me. Now I am in Delhi. Former CM and Congress leader Amarsinh Chaudhary had once said in the assembly that Modi is a magician. Now Congress is saying that the Chowkidar was a thief. And look from where the money during recent raids (against Congress related people) was coming out. What kind of a magic is this,' the PM quipped.
In a veiled reference to the recent raids during which huge amount of cash was recovered and the Congress president's address in Delhi, Modi said,' It was a new scam of Congress. It is Tughlak road election chanda (contribution) scam. Now I understand why they were talking about demonetisation time and again. It was just a small proportion of the scam. But on the first day of raid in first hour alone Rs 280 crores were recovered,' he said.
He reiterated that Congress was involved in doing scam in the fund meant for feeding poor children and pregnant women. 'People of the country were like god and they won't forgive such people who were snatching away food from the poor's mouth. Congress was out of power for 15 years in MP and as soon as they made a comeback they started such a scam. They were out of power at the Centre for 5 years now and will not wait for five minutes to start such things if voted back to power. Should such people get the opportunity to return to power in Delhi (at Centre),' he questioned.

Taking a dig at Congress and the alliance of other opposition parties, Mr Modi said,' they used to say earlier that they will unite and make Modi fall but those who were getting photographed holding each other's hand were now fighting with each other. They have no other agenda. Those who don't have anything to do with you (people) and the future of the country should not be handed over the rein of the country.'
PM Modi also reiterated allegations that Congress has anti-Gujarat attitude. It had earlier done injustice with Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai and was doing so now with him. He alleged that Kashmir problem was the result of faulty policy of Nehru. Now Congress manifesto was also against the thinking of Sardar Patel who unified the country.
'Had Sardar Saheb been alive he would not have accepted the manifesto even for a minute. It talks about removing security forces from Kashmir. It also talks about removing the sedition law. A group which talks about breaking the nation and were known as Tukade gang were liable for action against sedition law but Congress wants to remove it,' he said adding that those who care for the sacrifices of security people in Kashmir for 70 years should not give even a single vote to Congress.
Mr Modi expressed confidence that the Bharatiya Janata Party would again form the next government.
He also talked at length about the steps taken by BJP governments for betterment of tribal community and their belt from Ambaji to Umbergaon in Gujarat.
Mr Modi again urged the first time voters to vote for the nation.