SC order a bolt to efforts by Mr Modi to hide corruption in Rafale deal: Cong

SC order a bolt to efforts by Mr Modi to hide corruption in Rafale deal: Cong

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New Delhi, Apr 10 : Terming the Supreme court verdict on Rafale as a bolt to the efforts by the NDA Government and Prime Minister Narendra AModi to put a lid on corruption in the deal, the Congress on Wednesday said that it was now clear that Mr Modi violated norms in the deal and hence an FIR should bhe lodged against him.

Talking to reporters here, AICC medoia incharge randeep Surjewala said,’’new layers of corruption in rafale are slowly unraveling and all hopes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to put a lid on the corruption through lies have been shattered.’’

Mr Surjewala alleged that the PM tried to misguide SC on the basis of clean chit in the CAG report which was not even prepared nor was presented in the Parliament.
‘’ PM lied about the existence of the CAG report which had given clean chit on Rafale to the government whereas the said report was not even present.
PM even held back information from the apex court by taking cover of the official secrets act so that they do not have to justify the increase in price from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1600 crore per aircraft. However, after today’s Apex court’s order, that recorse is no longer available,’’he said.
Mr Surjewala said,’’ in its judgemen, the Supreme court has said that Mr Modi cannot hide the facts in his corruption citing the Officia;l secrets act.’’

He said that it is now clear that Mr Modi has indulged in corruption in rafale deal and an FIR should be filed against him and the matter should be investigated..
The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed Centre’s objection, citing Official Secret Act, to consider the review petition on the basis of published documents in media.
In a unanimous verdict, the apex court led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said, “We deem it proper to dismiss the preliminary objections to hold and affirm that the review petitions will be adjudicated on their merits on the basis of the relevance of the three documents whose admissibility was questioned by the government”.
The Congrees also alleged that the Indian Negotiation team in the Rafale deal was bypassed by Mr Modi and the PMO held parallel negotitations with the manufacturer of the aircraft.

Stating that the layers of corruption in the deal are now coming out in the open, Mr Surjewala said that the Prime Minister also tried to benefit the company by secretely removing the Bank Guarantee and corruption prevention clause from the contract that could hold Dassault responsible in the future.

Mr Surjewala took a pot-shot at the PM for diverting from the real issues of poverty, agrarian distress, lack of jobs and black money.