PM goes down memory lane, amid sips of coffee
PM goes down memory lane, amid sips of coffee

PM slams Rahul Gandhi for seeking safe harbour in Wayanad

Agency News

Mysuru, Apr 9: When the Amethi a safe Lok Sabha seat of the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi was danger, he runs to Wayanad in Kerala, a leader wanting to become the next prime minister should run such a hasty chaste leaving away the party in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said.

Speaking at a well attended Samaja Parivartana Yatra public meeting held here on Tuesday, Modi said if the Congress Party take a retreat from his stronghold, then what will be the state of the party and its workers in Uttar Pradesh. Modi further questioned Rahul's move to contest from a seat in Kerala and not in Karnataka, where his party is in power, he said this showed how strong coalition was Congress-JD(S) party is in Karnataka or elsewhere in the country. "When Deve Gowda ji was the prime minister, he was back stabbed by Sonia Gandhi. Congress doesn't trust JD(S) and,hence, ’naamdaar’ hasn't dared to fight elections from Karnataka," Modi claimed. (UNI)