Cong attack again, claims sting video exposes Modi Govt’s corruption

Cong attack again, claims sting video exposes Modi Govt’s corruption

Agency News

New Delhi, Apr 9: Terming demonetisation the biggest scam in the history of India, the Congress on Tuesday made a serious allegation that a sting video has ‘revealed’ that new currency with the then RBI Governor Urjit Patel's signature was actually printed six months earlier.

Addressing a press conference at AICC headquarters senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Kapil Sibal claimed that the purported video clip has a revelation by a field assistant in the cabinet secretariat, that “three series of 1 lakh crore each have been printed in duplicate”.

Showing a nine-minute video clip, the Congress leader said that the field assistant also said “how these currency notes, printed abroad, were brought to India in air force transport planes at Hindon Air Force base”.
Mr Sibal also alleged that in the video the field assistant explained the ‘detailed logistics of currency controlled by Amit Shah”.
“The field assistant also explained how Reliance Jio database was misused to show repetitive currency exchange transactions in RBI”, Mr Sibal alleged.
According to Mr Sibal, the purported official also explains how 26 people were recruited from various departments, specifically to oversee and co-ordinate with the RBI.
“Mr Modi started his tenure by fooling the people of India and he is ending his 5-year tenure by traumatising the people of India. He has used institutions to target people who oppose him”, Mr Sibal said.
Mr Sibal had also made similar allegation on March 26 that an alleged BJP worker was heard saying exchange of crores of old currency notes for 40 per cent commission, in Ahmedabad, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the note ban on November 8, 2016.