BJP reaches out to farmers, traders; says will explore all options for Ram Mandir

BJP reaches out to farmers, traders; says will explore all options for Ram Mandir

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New Delhi, Apr 8: BJP will explore all options to facilitate the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the party said on Monday and sought to reach out to traders and farmers for the crucial 2019 general elections by promising that farmers' income will be doubled by 2022.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the BJP manifesto for 2019 general elections with the theme 'Nation first' and pledge to take the country to new heights ensuring national security and achieving a new milestone globally.

India was not is position to make experiment with adventurism of failed ideas, senior BJP leader and Union Minister Arun Jaitley said.

Chairman of the manifesto Rajnath Singh said farmers' income will be doubled by 2022. On Ram Mandir, the BJP said it will explore all avenues for early construction of temple, Mr Singh said, but the party will explore all avenues.

'We have promised this earlier also that we will explore all avenues and we will ensure earlier construction of the temple at Ayodhya,' he said.

The BJP pledged National Vyapar Commission and a pension scheme for traders. The Home Minister said the BJP will implement Citizenship Bill but preserve traditional identity of locals.The BJP has announced Kisan Pension scheme after 60 years, Mr Rajnath Singh said. The Saffron party also pledged to end regional imbalance in its 2019 manifesto.

“India cannot experiment with adventurism of failed ideas… We will work with ideas that promise to make India one of the strongest countries of the world,” Mr Jaitley said. He said this manifesto is not prepared with “Tukde Tukde” mindest. It is not even prepared with an 'Ivy league' mindset. This has been prepared with a strong nationalist vision.

This is first five years where India was the fastest growing economy of the world, the Finance Minister added. Mr Jaitley said the new security doctrine will make India one of the powerful nations of the world where deterrent is the best defence. “We want to go to the polls as a continuing government,” he maintained.

Mr Rajnath Singh said it is a document to make a new India.

'We are now ambitious to emerge a key global power and among top three economic powers, 'Mr Singh said. The BJP is committed to Uniform civil code, he said.

'It is a visionary but practical sankalp yatra,' Mr Singh describing the manifesto. Union Ministers Sushma Swaraj, Nirmala Sitharaman, Thaawarchand Gehlot and BJP national general secretary (organisation) Ram Lal were also present on the occasion.

As the Prime Minister arrived on the stage, workers raised slogans 'Abki baar, 400 paar'
Party president Amit Shah said in past five years NDA regime was successful in unleashing an unprecedented era of development and guided India's journey to emerge as global player. 'Our most important achievement was to ensure security. The surgical strike gave a clear message,' he said, adding that 'Our government gave a clean and transparent government'.

The Modi government took 50 vital and big decisions, he stressed.

'Desh ki aasha.. apeksha ban chuki hai (hope of the country has become aspiration),' Mr Shah averred, adding that 2019 polls will be 'election of apeksha(aspirations)'.He maintained that people want solution to Kashmir problem.

The 45-page manifesto has been made after enlisting the views of 6 crore people, Mr Shah said.

In the General Election 2019, the BJP is seeking mandate while in power. The saffron party returned to power in 1999 after Kargil but failed to do so in 2004 when the party's 'India Shining' campaign apparently did not convince people.In 2004 elections, despite hype, the BJP lost when its 25 ministers including the likes of Jagmohan and M M Joshi lost. Over the last few months, BJP chief Amit Shah has been counselling party leaders and colleagues not to be complacent. (UNI)