Health is Wealth, do you remember?

Health is Wealth, do you remember?

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New Delhi, Apr 7 : On World Health Day, this year let us all pledge to have a healthy lifestyle along with a good exercise regime.
The World Health Organisation through its campaign aims to help people better understand what universal health coverage means – what services and support should be available and where.
The campaign also presents an opportunity for ministers of health and other government decision-makers to commit to taking action to address gaps in universal health coverage in their countries, as well as to highlight progress that has already been made.
'We will provide visual material that helps people who have access to quality, affordable health care to understand what life is like for people without it and to advocate for equal access to care, everywhere,' the WHO said.
Doctors are laying stress on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – diabetes, cancer – saying that an unhealthy lifestyle is leading to an increase in NCDs and that simple changes in one’s routine can ensure that you have a long and healthy life.
Delhi-base nutritionist Seema Singh on this day said, Inactive lifestyle is the main reason of the weight gain.
Other bigger culprit is unhealthy diet and ready to eat food which we are having due to our busy schedules.
‘’The overall intake of simple carbohydrates is huge. The widespread availability of fast food is also a problem,” added Dr Singh.
She said, ‘’We have our metabolism sluggish due to lack of exercise along with the poor diet, which is main reason for weight gain.’’
Suggesting ways to lose weight, Dr Singh said, ‘’Donot Skip meals. Have 3 Major meals with 2 mini meals, eat right food at the regular hours of interval and doing at least 30-45 minutes of cardio , you can boost your metabolism. Increase the amount of fruits & vegetables.’’
Introduce dry fruits as healthy mini meals, also balancing the calories is the key. If your favorite food is rich in calories like sweets then eat very small portion, Try to change eating habits but also remember “it’s not one day job”, she added.
Fifty-five-year-old Meena Sachdeva, who regularly takes a brisk walk in the park nearby her home, said, ‘’If you can not take out an hour for yourself in a day for exercise than you should not crib in later years if you get ill.’’
Fitness freak Aashita Mehra makes it a point everyday to jog for 45 mins.
‘’I can eat gulab jamuns without counting the calories, if I jog daily without any fail.’’
Giving a few tips on this day, Dr Ajay Aggarwal, Director, Internal Medicine, in Fortis Hospital, Noida said,'World Health Day is celebrated in April every year to increase awareness and make people more mindful of their health.'
'In the last year, the percentage by which NCD’s have gone up is startling. People have become increasingly overweight and live sedentary lifestyles. There is no exercise, control on salt and sugar intake – people consume more processed foods now than organic or naturally grown' he added. Foods which are mainly consumed are processed and have preservatives added, which can harm our health in the long run. One must stick to natural food products and never skip breakfast. At least 30 to 40 minutes of exercise should be engaged in everyday and if there is a family history of disease one should ensure periodic screening.'