Country fighting decisive battle against Modi-led govt: Dr Farooq

Country fighting decisive battle against Modi-led govt: Dr Farooq

Agency News

Srinagar, Apr 7 : National Conference (NC) patriarch Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday said the ensuing parliamentary elections are very significant as the country is fighting a decisive battle against ‘Modi-led government’. Dr Abdullah, who is the NC candidate for Srinagar Lok Sabha seat, alleged that the forthcoming elections are very crucial as it will be a straight fight between the people of India and the Modi government.

“It is the people of India be it the farmers, the unemployed youth or artisans or the minorities, everyone has been at the receiving end due to the imprudent and ill-conceived policies of Modi Government. Every vital sector of the nation is in shambles. People across the country are beseeching for respite from this BJP government. Whatever PM Modi had promised to people during his 2014 election campaign, turned out to be a damp squib, even now when his government is nearing an end, he has nothing to say on the achievements of his government,” Dr Abdullah said while addressing a rally here on Sunday.

“The country is reeling under highest ever petrol prices, farmers are distressed in most parts of the country. The claims of Modi on providing jobs turned out to be a mere slogan, which was realized since he took the reins of power at Centre. The prices of commodities are soaring. Perhaps the biggest ever failure of this government is its sheer failure to control the prices of petroleum products including cooking gas,” he said.

Dr Abdullah alleged that the development scenario in the state also presents a grimy tale of neglect. “Our state has been at the receiving end all long since Modi came to power. No effort was made to bring Kashmir on the Railway map of India, the railway stretch connecting Kashmir with the rest of country was supposed to be completed by 2014; unfortunately the dead line has been extended to 2022,” he said. “Not just that the national highway connecting J&K with the rest of country was worked upon. The work on 30 mile stretch of Banihal and Ramban is still impending completion. On the other side we see China making fast strides towards connecting its country side with effective road and rail connectivity,” he alleged.

The NC president said the idea of India is facing threat from the communal forces, who were responsible for assassinating Mahatma Gandhi. “The very constitutional rights were infringed upon since BJP took the reins of power. We were told what to eat and what not to eat. Minorities throughout the country suffered immensely at the hands of cow vigilantes, hundreds of poor cattle traders were attacked upon and intimidated. A message was sent that India belongs to the adherents of a particular faith,” he alleged. (UNI)