Sonia Gandhi admitted to hospital
Sonia Gandhi admitted to hospital

Soul of nation destroyed, says Sonia

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The chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, on Saturday launched a withering attack on the Narendra Modi government accusing it of being dismissive towards its political and ideological opponents. Echoing the sentiments expressed by the BJP veteran Mr. LK Advani, she said there must be 'weight' in what a government says.

Addressing the People’s Agenda - Jan Sarokar 2019 in the Capital, Mrs. Gandhi said the Modi government has 'destroyed the institutions' systematically during the past five years.

'The way the soul of our nation is being trampled for the past few years through a well-planned conspiracy is a matter of great concern,' she said. 'Regressive forces have systematically dismantled our institutions. The current government has undermined the welfare architecture that had been carefully laid down over the last 65 years.'

She was scathing at the party's failure to respect the diversity of India. 'New definitions of patriotism are being taught to us today. Those rejecting diversity are being labeled as patriots. Discrimination among our own citizens is being justified on the basis of caste, religion and ideology,' she pointed out.

Her sharp criticism has come close on the heels of a similar reference by Mr. Advani. Writing in a blog recently, the BJP veteran had said his party has never regarded those who disagreed with it politically as 'anti-nationals' or 'enemies'.

In  a veiled reference to controversies involving alleged consumption of beef and the BJP’s strong opposition to it, Mrs Gandhi said, 'It is being expected of us that in the matters of food, dresses and freedom of speech, we should accept the whims of a few people. The present government is not ready to respect disagreement at all.' 'If people are assaulted for staying true to their belief, the government turns a blind eye to them. It refuses to implement the rule of law, its basic duty.'