Freedom under assault: Sonia Gandhi
Freedom under assault: Sonia Gandhi

Regressive forces have systematically dismantled our institutions: Sonia

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New Delhi, Apr 6 : In a scathing attack on the NDA Government at the Centre, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said that the regressive forces have systematically dismantling the institutions of our country.
Addressing the ‘Jan Sarokar Agenda 2019’ here at Talkatora Stadium, Ms Gandhi said,’’the institutions that were had built over the years have been nearly destroyed. The current government has undermined the welfare architecture that was laid down by us over last 65 years with a lot of effort.’’

She expressed concern on the way the basic soul of the country was being crushed in a well planned conspiracy. She said that people were being taught a new definition of patriotism while those not accepting diversity were being called patriots.

‘’Today, we are being tought a new definition oif patriotism. People who do not accept diversity are being called patriots. Discrimination on the basis pof religion, caste and ideology is being justified. We are being expected to tolerate the dictatorship of a few people when it comes to our freedom in the matters of eating, dressing and our expression. The Modi government is not ready to accept dissent

When people are attacked for sticking to their ideology, the government looks the other way. The Government is not willing to fulfill its responsibility of enforcing the rule of ;law. The Government is snatching the possibilities of a better life from people and is busy framing policies which enrich the poor ,’’Mrs Gandhi said. Calling on the people to oppose such policies with all their might, she said,’’India needs a government which is accountable to all sections of society, one which is serious about its promises and resolutions and impartial in its functioning.

We have to restore constitutional values that allow everyone to expresses their opinion , give everyone a place of equality and provide them equal right on the resources of the nation..’’ We need to reclaim our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights and secure the life of dignity and security for our people, she further said.

Lashing out at PM Narendra Modi led NDA Government; she said “There should be no difference between the words and deeds of the Government. We have practiced this in past and we will do it again”. “When UPA was in power, under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh, the government and civil society worked together”, UPA Chairperson said.

“It was not an easy task, but with the support of civil society, our Government spearheaded policies that gave shape to the dreams and aspirations of crores of fellow Indians”, she added. Assuring that the Congrees party would fulfil the promises made in its manifesto, she said that if the party comes to power, a system will be developed to monitor their implementations. "I have no doubts about the promises we have made. After our government is formed, a system will be in place to monitor their implementation," she said. (UNI)