PM greets party colleagues on the occasion of BJP foundation day

PM greets party colleagues on the occasion of BJP foundation day

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New Delhi, Apr 6 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday greeted BJP workers and leaders on the occasion of party's foundation day and said the saffron party has emerged as the country's preferred party.

"I am confident that the entire family of BJP karyakartas would be working day and night to ensure that our party and our allies are blessed yet again by the people of India. In the last five years lots has been done and we want to do much more for the country," Prime Minister wrote in a series of tweets. He said the saffron party, founded way back on April 6 in 1980, "stands tall due to its democratic ethos and patriotic zeal".

"This is a party that is always on the ground, at the forefront of helping fellow Indians. Our development work has endeared the party to all sections of society, across the length and breadth of India," he said.

Mr Modi further tweeted that, thirty nine years ago the BJP was born with an unwavering commitment to serve society and take the nation to new heights.

"Thanks to the efforts of our Karyakartas, the BJP has become India’s preferred party.

Greetings to the BJP family on the Party’s Foundation Day". The BJP is the country's largest political party in terms of representation in the National Parliament and state Assemblies, and it is considered to be world's largest party in terms of primary membership.

It has been right-wing party with its policy linked to Hindu nationalist positions and it draws ideological inspiration and organisational support to the Sanghparivar fountainhead Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

In his missive, BJP president Amit Shah said on the occasion of party's foundation day, it will be relevant to bow down and pay respect to all great leaders who have worked hard and made lot of sacrifices to help the party achieve such milestones. (UNI)