Pitroda praise for Advani remark

Pitroda praise for Advani remark

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The BJP veteran leader, Mr.  L K Advani’s remark that his party did not consider political adversaries as anti-national is ' a timely' remark, said the electronic wizard Sam Pitroda has said. The technocrat who has joined the Congress party, significantly drew parallels between the US President and the Indian Prime Minister,  while speaking at an event organised by the All India Professionals Congress. He also pointed out that there was 'something wrong' with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) though he could not put a finger on it.

Mr Pitroda said, 'I think what he (Mr. Advani) has said is very timely and important. He said two things – first nation, then party, then self. Modi today is all about self-promotion. Two, he said if somebody disagrees with us, it doesn’t mean they are anti-national. I respect that, I agree with him and  thank him for saying this at the right time. That is a leader.'

Making swipes at Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Pitroda  said there were similarities between him and Mr. Donald Trump. 'Both leaders are saying enemy is at the border. Here it is Pakistan and Muslims. There it is Mexicans and immigrants. Both leaders are saying nobody (else) knows anything …(In India Modi is saying) Congress didn’t do anything, (Trump is saying) Democrats didn’t do anything. (Trump said) Hillary Clinton was corrupt, (Modi says) Rahul Gandhi is corrupt.'

Recalling his meeting with the former Prime Minister  Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mr. Pitroda said he was 'spontaneous', did not have to make an effort to be amiable and was a good human being. 'That’s what India’s PM has to be.'

To another question, the chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, said something was wrong with EVMs. 'I can’t put my finger on it.. One is (possibility of) tampering of the electronic, other is supply chain, where it is stored, who keeps track of it, how do you count it. No one in the world is using electronic machines the way we use. Everyone has said there is no trust. The US, Germans, nobody trusts but we do,' he said. And he should know having ushered in the technological revolution and the latest in the gadgetry into this country.

The coming election, he pointed out,  is  the 'most important election in modern history of India. Like Rahul Gandhi has been saying, India’s soul, future, the idea of India is at stake….we believed in truth, trust, love, inclusion, non-violence, democracy, freedom. All of these are being challenged today.' The founder of the C-DOT alleged that Indian media has been bought, and unlike in the US, 'institutions have been captured systematically' in India.