Nauroz or Navreh? Priyanka gets trolled on twitter

Nauroz or Navreh? Priyanka gets trolled on twitter

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New Delhi, Apr 6 : Months after joining the social media world, Congress general secretary in-charge of Uttar Pradesh East, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra became the target of troll.

Hundreds of people trolled Ms Vadra after she wished ‘Nauroz’ Mubarak to Kashmiris. "Nauroz Mubarak to all my Kashmiri sisters and brothers!! Despite my mother's 'don't forget to make the thali' messages, I had no time to make my thali (plate) yesterday but came home after (a) roadshow and found it placed on the dining table. How sweet are moms?", Ms Vadra tweeted early Saturday.

Soon after Priyanka tweeted, people pointed out the ‘mistake’ in her post, some humorously and some with a political tone. “It’s very nice to be inclusive and Secular. I like you didn’t forget Nauroz. But what you are referring to here is ‘Navreh’, the Kashmiri Pandit festival and ‘Navreh thaal’ a Pandit ritual. Anyway, Navreh Mubarak to you too”, a twitter user said.

Another user said that “It's Navreh not Nauroz. Navreh is festival of Pandits while Nauroz is a festival of Muslims. Nauroz was celebrated last month” and advised her to change the person who is operating her twitter handle.  “Those who migrated hundreds of years back from Kashmir have forgotten the difference between Navreh and Nauroz..Nauroz is an Iranian new year and has no association with Navreh celeberated by Kashmiri Pandits.”, another user tweeted.

One user pointed out that Nauroz is the Iranian / Parsi new year festival and it was celebrated six weeks ago and added, “it’s Navratri / gudi Padwa / Ugadi / Navreh today - that is celebrated by Lots of Indians today. “Kashmiri Pandits celebrate their New Year’s Day on the first day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra (Mar–Apr) and call it Navreh - the word navreh, derived from the Sanskrit nava varsha, literary meaning ‘new year’”, tweeted another user.  However, Priyanka did not respond or has made any change in the post. (UNI)