Yogi’s ‘Virus’ remarks on Kerala’s Muslim League kicks up a row

Agency News

Calling Muslim League of Kerala as virus, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has kicked up a new political row on Friday.

In a series of tweets, Yogi Adityanath listed out two shocking allegations against Muslim League which are now doing rounds on social media. Yogi’s revelation has especially become a hot topic in Kerala where Muslim League is a strong political entity. The communal-tainted comments of Yogi came up just after a day the Muslim League workers wholeheartedly welcomed the Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Kerala by waving the party's green flags ahead of his nomination filing in Wayanad.

He further said that the Congress has been 'infected with this virus (Muslim League) and that if they win, this virus will spread across the country.

He said, "The Muslim League is a virus. A virus that is infected cannot be avoided and today the main opposition Congress has been infected by it. Think of what would happen if they won? The virus will spread throughout the country."

Giving a communal colour to his statement, Adityanath said that the Muslim League is responsible for the 'partition' of the country, the same threat is hovering today, furthermore, the chief minister even raised objections over the party's 'green flags'

In the tweet, he said, "In the fight for Independence in 1857, the entire nation fought alongside Mangal Pandey. After that, the virus of Muslim league spread across the country to the extent that it divided the country. The same threat is looming over the country today."

"Green flags (of Indian Union Muslim League) are waving again. Congress is infected with the virus of Muslim league, beware," he added.

The Muslim League welcomed the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, on Thursday ahead of his nomination filing in Wayanad by waving the party's green flags.