Rahul terms Demonetisation ‘disastrous idea’

Rahul terms Demonetisation ‘disastrous idea’

Agency News

Pune, Apr 5: AICC president Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that the Demonetisation decision taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a disastrous idea and even the economists agreed to this.

Interacting with the students here, Mr Gandhi said, 'It had a terrible effect. Two per cent of GDP was lost, millions of jobs were lost and the loss resulted in so much of damage, which cannot be repaired now,' he added. 'A lot of courage is needed to give reply to the volley of questions I face. I have learned this from experience. Whatever I am today, is because of courage'.

Mr Gandhi said people who dole out lies, have some or other fear in them. 'I have learned from my family to speak and face the truth. I don't talk lies and I don't give false promises.' When Mr Gandhi said 'I love Modi Ji', a number of students started chanting Modi Modi.

When the students asked how Mr Gandhi will manage to provide Rs 72000 to the poorest five crore families every year, as announced in the party manifesto here, Mr Gandhi replied, 'This is my responsibility to give them, since I never lie.

'As far as job creation is concerned, we are working on a lot of ideas, which will improve the job scenario in the country," Mr Gandhi said.

When asked about the surgical strike, Mr Gandhi said, The Indian Air Force should take credit for Balakot air strike and not Mr Modi, which he is taking. The Balakot air strike should not be politicised, which is also hurting the sentiments of Army, he added. (UNI)