Ex-Nissan Chairman Ghosn ordered $34Million payments to dealership in Oman

Ex-Nissan Chairman Ghosn ordered $34Million payments to dealership in Oman

Agency News

Moscow, Apr 5: Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn, who was rearrested in Tokyo amid investigation into his financial misconduct, has ordered payments to Nissan dealers in Oman, who later made up reasons for these transactions.

Earlier in the day, a district court in Tokyo extended Ghosn's detention until April 14. His lawyers reportedly plan to appeal this decision.

According to the NHK broadcaster, Nissan sources have told Tokyo prosecutors that Ghosn had transferred around $34 million as sales promotion expenses from a "CEO reserve" account to Oman-based dealers, although these expenses had already been paid from the official budget of the company.

Meanwhile, Ghosn has denied the charges, stressing that the payments had been done appropriately following a request of Nissan officials.

In fact, just before his rearrest, Ghosn had vowed to prove his innocence of alleged financial misdeeds but raised doubts about receiving a fair trial in Japan, in an interview with French television.

Ghosn was originally arrested in Japan in late November 2018 for underreporting around $44 million worth of his income and misusing company assets.

He was released on bail in early March to be rearrested a month later on new suspicions. The new arrest was motivated by prosecutors' claims that Ghosn had inflicted a $5 million loss to Nissan by transferring a part of money, which Nissan's subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates paid to an Omani distributor, to a firm that he effectively owned. (UNI)