Modi government pushed India’s economic structure to peril: Kapil Sibal

Modi government pushed India’s economic structure to peril: Kapil Sibal

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Bengaluru, Apr 4: Economic structure of the country had collapsed and was pushed to peril, thanks to the ill-advised economic measures taken by the Narendra Modi Government at the Center in the last five years, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal charged here on Thursday. Addressing a press conference after releasing the Congress party manifesto for Lok Sabha elections here, he said, "In the last five years the MSME sector had suffered and is on the verge of collapse.

Credit inflow in the country has taken a new low in all sectors, and the social justice has move towards social injustice". "The lynching of Dalits, destruction of MSME sector, suicide by over 36,000 farmers during the last five years has resulted in agricultural distress and severe slowdown of the economy. This has loss of jobs during Narendra Modi Government" he added. More than 11 million jobs were lost in the last five years, he said. Maintaining that economic prosperity and social empowerment are the two pillars of the country, he said that the prime minister Narendra Modi, has stopped about talking on 'Ache Din' as he knows that he has nothing to speak about on it.

The Rs 15 lakh remittance to all bank accounts of the citizens proved a big lie and because of this the Congress party had released a Manifesto for the coming elections titled "Congress party will Deliver. What we say will implement it," he said. The manifesto mainly talks about a titanic shift or to bring change and we are going to have a separate for agriculture and also chalk out plans to implement the Dr Swaminathan report to improve the financial conditions of the farmers of the country. "With this we actually target the problems being faced within the farming sector, we have also promised to fill vacancies in various central government departments to the tune of over four lakhs, he said".

"We will fill those vacancies during the course of the coming five years" Mr Sibal said.
The Congress party when it comes to power will also directs various state governments to fill up over 20 lakh vacancies, mainly in the Health and Education departments, he said. To uplift the MSME sector from its brink we have also plans to divide the sector further three segments, with more inflow of credit and less tax burden. "These measures are expected to boost the creation of fresh employments" he said.The creation of 10 lakh sevaks, at rural sector means creation of new ten lakh employment at the rural areas. "These are steps are take following the prevailing rural as well as job stress in the country," he said.

Criticising that during last five years of BJP-led NDA rule, he said the rich people became more rich, while the poor became poorer. "53 per cent of the country's resources is in the possession of the 10 per cent of the people of the nation", he added. He said 70 to 80 per cent of the people of the country were living within Rs 10,000 annual income and which is not a healthy one," Sibal said.

Stating that that prime minister is only talking about surgical strike and only taking out on Pakistan and not about Hindustan, he said that if the prime minister was serious about removing poverty in the country, he should have done surgical strike against poverty. He also criticised the Prime Minister and said that "No prime minister in the country had destroyed the office of the prime minister, as Modi did it". Referring to Phulwma incident, Sibal said that "how come large cache of IED sneak through without the knowledge of Chowkidars". Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP national president Amit Shah he said that "The two man engine is faltering in the country". (UNI)