IT raids in TTD Chairman Yadav house in Kadapa

IT raids in TTD Chairman Yadav house in Kadapa

Agency News

Kadapa, Apr 4: Income Tax officials on Wednesday raided the house of TTD Trust Board Chairman Putta Sudhakar Yadav, and TDP leader, at Proddatur in the district, which created a flutters among the leaders and activists.

The officials landed in the TDP leader house by 3 pm and the raid was lasted for more than 5 hours. The officials from Kadapa IT department have gone through all the records and documents available at that time in the house and also said to be seized some amount and jewels.

IT staff restricted the house members making phones to others from land and their cell phones during the raid. The raid in the election time assumes political colour and made the TDP leaders to accuse that was an act of opposition plot.

Yadav, who returned the home from election canvassing after knowing the information about raid, accused that it was a plot hatched by opposition parties to defame him during the election time.While talking to media at his residence, he said this was an attempt by opposition to depress us mentally and told IT officials to continue the raids to more days.

He said he has the blessing of Lord Venkateswara and the people are watching everything who will give answer to opposition through their vote in elections. He said the officials found only 0.5 lakh in his house and added that the officials were saying nothing was available after going through all the records and documents.

Meanwhile, Rajya sabha MP Ramesh Naidu who reached the Yadav’s house along with media fumed fire at IT officials for conducting raids. UNI