PM asks for a report from Law Ministry
PM asks for a report from Law Ministry

Modi blasts Cong over its promise to end British era Sedition Law

Agency News

Itanagar, April 3 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked Congress party over its promise to end British era Sedition Law by alleging that to encourage separatist, anti-nationals it has framed this new scheme and they have sympathy for them. “To encourage separatist violence as well as those who abuse country, Congress framed a new scheme. Those like you all don’t say jai hind but raises slogan of dividing Bharat, those who play in the hands of foreign forces , insult our culture and country, Congress has sympathy for them,” Mr Modi said addressing a mammoth rally at Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Prime Minister said for those who don’t abide by the Constitution of India, the Congress party has promised to end the sedition law. “You all tell me whether punishment should not be given to anti-nationals? Should there not be a strict law for anti-nationals? If anti-national is given free hand then you will face trouble.

Country will face danger. On one side your Chowkidar, is standing against those who are trying to divide the country whether it is inside the country or outside the country. Chowkidar is taking strict action against those who attack Bharat Maa . On the other side , Congress today is stoop down to such a low . I want to ask if the Congress’ hand is with the country or with the anti-nationals? ,” Mr Modi asked. (UNI)