PM Modi's 'mass appeal' may help BJP to retain Gujarat
PM Modi's 'mass appeal' may help BJP to retain Gujarat

Cong manifesto to expire on May 23:PM Modi

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Kolkata, Apr 3 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the Congress manifesto, a deterrent for Indian Army to combat terror outfits in India, would expire on May 23, the day the results will be declared for Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a massive rally for the first time at Brigade Parade Ground, Mr Modi pointing out at the audience said the people have been geared up to upstage the Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress government and continued to support his government's effort to take the country to a new height as visioned by Swami Vivekananda.

Mr Modi also lampooned the Mamata Banerjee's sponsored " United India" meeting at this ground on January 19 last saying the disgruntled leaders, who came from different parts of the country, had shouted slogans ' "Modi Hatao" "Modi Hatao" asking why Modi hatao?
" What wrong has Modi done ? Is it wrong to give the poor homes, gas, toilets. If yes then i have done it. I am guilty," Modi said adding that in five years, the impossible has become possible for the NDA government with support from the people, who have turned " chowkidwar" .

On Congress' manifesto, Mr Modi said it will expire on May 23 and his government will empower the forces to combat with terror outfits. " We will empower the forces."
He claimed that what Congress was saying in the manifesto, it would only help terrorists taking shelter in Pakistan. " Won't it help terrorists in Pakistan ?" asked Mr Modi and said the Congress was angry because " Chowkidars are everywhere , even the chowkidars at the borders" He said there were many people in the country and even in this state asking details about Balakot air strike, surgical strike and India's space supremacy destroying lethal satellite in the air.

' India had always such capabilities but the then government had never used such forces to eliminate enemies,' Modi said. " Congress had always compromised with India's betterment and rather weakened laws against Naxals and separatists. And Trinamool now shares the same Congress ideology," Modi reiterated.  He said the laws the country has will make lives easier for people.  " We have passed 1400 new laws. But Congress is weakening our soldiers, breaking their morale. I am standing between them. Modi will never allow the Congress to succeed," the PM added while addressing a BJP-sponsored rally.

In his 30- minute address Mr Modi heavily criticised the oppositions for demanding evidences of air strikes, saying it was an insult to the security forces. " Show us bodies of terrorists, who asked this? Were you proud or not? Who called such a big thing a drama?" Modi quipped. He said, " All of these achievements, whether surgical strikes, air strikes, space strikes or from Kolkata to Banaras waterway, all this is possible because of whom? Within 5 years, who did this? No, this is not because of Modi. This is because of your blessings. It is because of you, impossible is possible," Modi told the people amid chanting of Modi Modi. (UNI)