Rahul carrying forward Nehru’s historic blunder on Kashmir: Jaitley

Rahul carrying forward Nehru’s historic blunder on Kashmir: Jaitley

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New Delhi, Apr 2: BJP on Tuesday blasted at the Congress for its election manifesto promising review of provisions of Armed Forces Special Power Act in Jammu and Kashmir and said Rahul Gandhi is only carrying forward the 'historical blunder' of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru in Jammu and Kashmir.

'...when out of ignorance Congress president makes unimplementable and dangerous promises, I am sure the country will not in a mood to oblige him,' BJP leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told reporters here in his first reaction to the Congress manifesto released by Mr Gandhi. He said some of the ideas, specially in reference to Jammu and Kashmir are 'positively dangerous'. It appears some of the important points of Congress manifesto have been drafted by Congress president's 'friends' , he said adding that some of the ideas reflect the thought process of 'tukde tukde gang when it deals with Jammu and Kashmir and national security'.

Some problems in Jammu and Kashmir are the contribution of Congress party and Nehru-Gandhi Family, he said, adding that in fact, Rahul Gandhi is now following the footprints of 'historic blunder' left by Nehru. In a blog echoing similar sentiments Mr Jaitley wrote, 'The Congress is the principal creator of the Jammu and Kashmir problem. It created a special status; it unconstitutionally brought in Article 35A. It rigged the 1957, 1962, 1967 as also the 1988 Assembly elections.

This eroded the confidence of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and now its Manifesto only brings smiles on the faces of the separatists and the terrorists. He also said a reference to “Kashmiri Pandits’ and their ethnic cleansing from the Valley is conspicuously absent in the Manifesto. He flayed the Congress party for not mentioning a word on Kashmiri pandits and said at least for formality they should have spoken about the community.

"Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits in the militancy hit state was the biggest sin,' he said.
Mr Jaitley said some of the promises made by Congress about Jammu and Kashmir will encourage opening of cases against security forces. 'Those people who laid down their lives for the country, they want them to be prosecuted at the behest of terrorists or their friends,' he said, adding that any such misadventure will only encourage terrorism in the state.

Mr Jaitley said the Country's oldest party is now virtually under the grip of Maoists and Jehadists. The Finance Minister said some of the provisions of the Constitution which even Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh did not try, are being tinkered by Maoists and Jehadists who have considerably influence on Rahul Gandhi.
'It is ridiculous to think that the provisions which deal with sedition should be removed from Indian Penal Code....As if an act of treason will not be an offence in the country,' Mr Jailtley said adding that a party which makes such pledges does not have right to get a single vote in the country.

In the blog, Mr Jaitley wrote, 'The Congress has always been soft on terror. Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi introduced TADA. Later the Congress revoked it. It revoked POTA. Now it wants to go further soft on separatism and terrorism. Mr Jaitley said the NYAY scheme has number of lapses and the manifesto reflects the saying that most promises have been made out of ignorance. Nyay, in the Manifesto, has now become a joint scheme of Central and the State Governments thereby diluting the initial announcement, he said.

'The state governments may well suggest that these existing subsidies are more than what Congress promises? To the vexed question of what happens to the existing subsidies, the manifesto says that ‘only merit based subsidies will continue’, the BJP leader said. So the Centre will retain the power to say that some subsides can be subsumed, diluted or abolished since they are non-merit based while in others the number of beneficiaries reduced since with every passing year many people are moving out of poverty, he said. (UNI)