Gautam Gambhir joins issue with Omar Abdullah on ‘PM post’ in Kashmir

Gautam Gambhir joins issue with Omar Abdullah on ‘PM post’ in Kashmir

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New Delhi, Apr 2 : A day after former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah sparked off a major row demanding revival of the post of 'Prime Minister in Kashmir', cricketer-turned-BJP leader Gautam Gambhir on Tuesday said in such an eventuality, he wants to walk on 'oceans'.

"Omar Abdullah wants a separate PM for J&K and I want to walk on oceans! Omar Abdullah wants a separate PM for J&K & I want pigs to fly!," Mr Gambhir tweeted. He also said more than a separate Prime Minister, Mr Abdullah will need "some sleep followed by a strong coffee".

"If he still does not understand then a green Pakistani passport," he said. In a tweet, Mr Abdullah on Monday defended his remarks and said - "It’s not what JKNC wants sir, it’s what the terms of accession guaranteed J&K, it’s what the Constitution of India (the same Constitution you take an oath to uphold) guaranteed J&K. All we ask is what the Constitution gave to J&K".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told an election rally at Hyderabad on Monday - “Two Prime Ministers for Hindustan? Do you agree with it? Congress has to answer and all the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ partners have to answer. What are the reasons and how dare he say that".
The Prime Minister also tweeted and said it was 'shameful' that National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has sought to revive the demand for post of 'Prime Minister in Kashmir'.

"National Conference wants 2 PMs, 1 in Kashmir & 1 for rest of India. Does Mamata Didi agree? Does U-Turn Babu agree? Does Pawar Sahab agree? Does former PM Deve Gowda Ji agree? Shame on the Opposition," Prime Minister tweeted. He also said - "Till Modi is there, no one can divide India" and tagged the video of his speech at Hyderabad. (UNI)