BJP dismisses Congress claim of filling 22 lakh govt vacancies

BJP dismisses Congress claim of filling 22 lakh govt vacancies

Agency News

New Delhi, Apr 2 : BJP on Tuesday pooh-poohed the Congress manifesto pledging 22 lakh jobs in the government and said the grand old party was only misleading the people and paying lip service on the issue.

Addressing a press conference here, BJP leader Aruun Jaitley said,' In the same manifesto the Congress party said out of 22 lakh jobs, 20 lakh are in the state governments'.

Taking a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, he said there is no synchronisation between the initial paras of the manifesto with what is stated in the later paragraphs.

He said the Congress manifesto talks about the jobs creation but says if voted to power, the Congress party 'will request' the state governments to fill all vacancies estimated at 20 lakh.

'They have only five states....apparently I have read the Congress manifesto more than the Congress president'.

He also took potshots at Rahul Gandhi for his 'challenge' to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a debate on national security and other issues and said one cannot have debate with a 'non serious and ignorant person'.

"I think we will look into that ......but I don't go and debate with non-serious people ....How can you debate with an ignorant?," Mr Jaitley told reporters at BJP headqarters when asked to comment on the challenge thrown by Congress president while releasing the Congress manifesto. (UNI)